A poem for Fuzia

A poem for Fuzia Contest




With you , it’s easy

You see me the way none get to see

I adore you the most like none ever did

You take me in your arms like none does

Your embrace tickles my passion

It is just me and you

That makes my world

With you life is easy

As I need not pretend to be happy

Every emotion counts and becomes a memory

Few moments worth re- living

With you it’s easy.

The witch in love

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I am the witch 

you want to battle with

I hurt when I am in love

I hurt when I am in anger

I bleed as I am injured

Play with me, I burn you to ashes

I may be easy going, yet hard to forget

I may be the bed of roses as you love me

But the moment you ignite my fire

I will be the fireball you embrace

let me burn you, as I want to be one with you.


My fallen angel

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Your sharp nails  poking me

bleeding my soul as I neared you

I knew it was end of me in your arms

yet, All I want was that embrace

an embrace of a lifetime

with you pain became numbness

heart overwhelming with happiness

I know you would never hurt me

as I tamed your devilishness

as you battle the beast in you

I become the sword to bleed.


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Stumble upon you

as I walked away from life

Stumble upon you

as I neared the end of life


Stumble upon you

As I was messed up in life

Just when thoughts about life withered away

you fell into me, like a heaven on earth

sadness parted its way only to teach me to smile with you

hatred parted its way, only to teach me to love you even more

everything became meaningful, with your presence.


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