Kids are Incredible!!!



When Nandu was around 1.5 years , I noticed her running to the waste bin , picking something from the floor , I ran to her thinking that she must be going to throw something important.But when I checked what is in her hand I noticed that it was some bit of waste paper , I was surprised and happy .

I wondered from where she got to know that you have to drop the waste in the waste bag , when I never thought to teach her.Its really surprising how kids observe all these and learn from us. I have seen her doing many things as such , which I never taught her.

As a parent now its our duty to teach them and guide them right , whether its a boy or a girl. I learned that there is no point in shouting at them, if we do , they will just do the same thing to us. Funny isn’t it. But  Yes , that the truth. 

Other day , when we went shopping , she cried a lot for chocolates , as all other kids, I told her angrily , that am not going to buy any. She cried all the way back home . What was the outcome , nothing , just she cried , i lost my temper and  I was exhausted .But after that , the next day , when she was hurrying up to go out with her dad , out for shopping , we told her , that she should not cry for chocolates and if she does , he will not be taking her for shopping .

To our surprise , she said “yes , no chocolates” . I though she said it casually , but when they returned from shopping , her dad told  me , she was nice and didn’t ask for chocolate at all. I was happy and delighted and I hugged her. After that , I started to give her chocolates  without even her asking for it.

Its true that patience and love pays.


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