is it to me you are saying mom ??

Is it to me you telling all these mom ?

This is the weird expression given me , by my lil girl , when I tell her oh baby please you are standing at the edge and you might fall down. This all happens when my hands are full and am in the middle of something , still she looks at me and give me  s smile. ,and give no damn care about what I said to her . Her smile indicates to me , that mom see , am really gone jump or grab that thing kept far away. 

She thinks that, she might leap in and grab it at any cost . Poor lil girl ,she is not seeing what all see. And my weird mind goes thinking to the darkest and the worst of all the cases. 

Even though am in the middle of something, I will be thinking, omg if she leaps a lil further, she is gone fall, and hit the cupboard edge, or perhaps , she hit and tumble down to the floor , or may be she hit her eye or head or her mouth and her teeth might come out. Oh GOD seriously how should I do  , and then she smiles giving me and indication that ” mom , see am gone get it” . And finally like a goalkeeper in football game I jump on to her and grab her , so that  she really doesn’t make it through. 

Taking care of a naughty one is like a mad game.