Tough time to get her sleep

Its the toughest thing for me to get her deviated to sleep from all her naughty activities day by day, but ofcourse I do feed her make her sleep , thats the only temptation that can take her to bed,  else all along she will be playing. Wonder what will happen when i stop it.

I try all along and make her sleep , and suddenly either the  door bell rings or my phone or nandu might call me up for something and all my efforts go wasted , and again I have to try doing something else , or else I have to let her go play with her  sister and she gives a naughty smile , for she got what she wants and now she can play all along. 

Somedays I put her to sleep , and escape out of the room , slowly like a thief from a jail . I have to be very silent, and all my foot steps play a vital rule for being silent and the moment I hold the door and move out of the room , is like a victory point. Some days while am moving , she just opens her eyes and looks at me, And I stay frozen ,praying , please go to sleep my baby, i need a break ,please ,and I make sure that I don’t move my lips  or my whole body, and I stay there for a while , while she moves a lil bit and her eyes are closing due to sleep.

Ah!! sometimes a big relief see that , and sometimes , she looks at me and smiles ,and get up and come from the bed. And am left with no option than keeping her busy playing.

Being mom is enhancing too many skills at the same time. phew!!!


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