Walking down the memories was easy with you in my heart


Memories falling in
I realized as I walked into the world
that I had left behind long back
the place I thought I would never be stepping in
every step on the soil I took
I could feel the vibe it sent to my soul
the memories came running by
from the very first day to the end
the days that were overlapping my thoughts
every day was crystal clear
as if it was happening then
I walked down the old paths,
withering away my thoughts
the fond memories
holding the familiar hands
strolling in the pathways
recollecting the good old days
my eyes searching for a familiar face
I shed all the memories that were bottled up
where they were created
beholding myself truly to you
I could walk away from all those memories
since I have you in my life
I realized I can live without those memoirs
with you in my heart, there was need of nothing
With you beholding me, I can walk into anything
stumble on anyone and still be yours faithfully
You have transformed me into someone I never thought I could be
you have frozen my heart with you in it
now none can break it and enter it
no warmth can melt it.


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