She walked alone on the darkest roads

lanced by all the stones on the road

the path was deserted

the words from the far off end

threatened her, poked her

yet the strength of her soul remained intact

the walkways were harder to walk or see

yet she wanted to pursue what she dreamt

she knew the road was not hassled free

she set her heart to frozen

let it not melt by the fire outside

walking away from the ones she ever thought was her

who turned away from her when she wanted to pursue her dreams

she had the strongest heart

to let go what she never needed

the day she woke up from her fake world

she was determined to walk away from it

nothing could bring her back

she knew one-day everything that is hers will return to her

she wanted to be what she ever wished for

nothing could shackle her dreams

she walked breaking the barriers

to her goal which could be hers forever

stumbling upon the false rocks

she walked towards her accomplishments

that gave her an identity

she knew now, what she ever wanted.


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