Let me not surrender



Am I not pretty nor beautiful

Am someone who do not want to weighed upon

not shelled down with the weight of the world

I wanted to be the fire that brings of fierceness

I wanted to flow like a river without restrictions

I want to run into the wilderness with you

enticing the whole me into the wild world

I want the negativity of the world to be overshadowed by your presence

with you in hand, I know I could conquer the world

I just don’t want to hide my desire under my hair

I want to be the wings of desire to let you fly away with me

without you, I became an endangered species, you awakened my soul

let me fix my wings and let me run wild with you

you let me be a temptress , rather than being domesticated

you let me wander without pretense and lead me to my destination

you stir the waves in me, creating ripples

the ripples carried my soul to the world of desire

like the wildness in the tangles of my hair

I let loose the thoughts in my mind

shook my shells of the burden off me

breaking the chains of envy

neglecting the world, leading my way up to chase my dreams.




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