A memory I will be one day

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A memory I will be one day

never able to drift along with you

I will be the air you want to breathe

I will be in the air that surrounds you

embracing you, like always

like the rocks thrashed with the waves

I hit your memory

wetting your eyes as often I visit

yet, bringing in a smile of our fond memories

that can never be recreated

I remain in your surrounding

visiting you in your dreams, as you slip into the deep sleep

will be my life, after I leave my being





You contain my pain and fears

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Your smile

Skip my heartbeat

even when my eyes are welled with tears

your shoulder takes up every drop coming to it

your fingers wiping it 

your lips adorning my forehead

your eyes whispering thousands of words in my ears

emotions overflowed like a filled vessel

you contained my emotions and fears

letting me flow into you like a river

unobstructed and uncontained. 



I failed , yet I am the winner

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Envisage Me

I am never away from you

Just a finger away

you are the reason for my smile

do not let it fade away

as My eyes tremble

your voice soothe its pain

I wish I could say

the agony that is whirlpooling in me

I know am never the vanquisher

yet you are my trophy, I proudly own your heart

safe and beneath my skin, pumping my soul.



Being your Daughter – is my blessing

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Even if I ever lose my memory

you would be the face, I would ever recollect

Your face and skin recognises me 

like the heartbeat and the heart

once I was in unison with your heartbeat

even when I chose a world to live which you showed me

I could never be away from you

You carved my life 

You bestowed me your breath

Even when I strayed away

You brought me back 

Numerous fights and applauds we had

yet, none can ever replace you in my life

You are my mom, forever, and ever

being your daughter is my greatest blessing. 



Being yours….is my delight

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Evade into my life

Let me struggle in your arms

as you hold me tight

thrilling my inner being

awakening my pores

tingling my body

as you brush your unshaved face on my cheeks

the way you treasure me in your arms

I feel special always 

Being your woman is my pride.