A night to remember

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Like the softest breeze

inching my skin, you caressed

Like the dew on my lips

you nibbled, skipping my heart

loving you like never before

in the dimness of the light that shone

our eyes met, exchanging our souls 

slowly and steadily conquering our inner selves

every drop of you I tasted like wine

the shyness that wards off, as you unrobed me

blooming  like the Moonflower I lay beside you

a night to remember forever, you gifted me.






Committed or not ?

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Happier as I was with you

Naughtier as I was with you

Smiling as I was with you

None could love me more than you do

None could hurt me, more than you do

even then, I walked away

committed to someone unknown to my heart

You never pulled me back

to walk along with you

only you loved shadowed my heart

shadowing everything I owned

unable to love the one I was committed unknowingly

far away from the one, I was committed to the one I ever loved.

Devil $ Angel


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Like the smoke from the cigar….

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He was like smoke

from his cigar

that filled my whole self with him

even when he left by my side

his presence rendered always

the moment I forget that he was near me

he crawls into me reminding

I am never alone

brightening up my smile

his aroma was never leaving me alone

like the smoke rising from his cigar

I was fuming with him around

like I was the cigar he was smoking.


Lost in the infinty of life

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Lost in the sea

unable to find my land

I drifted like a log in the water

unable to track my path

thrashed by strong waves

cuddled by the softer ones

I continued my journey

to an unknown destination

the saltiness of the sea blinded me

ageing me way before I wished

as I was finally gone, 

I was broken to pieces

where one piece of me brought in a new life

which I never gave birth, but saved in my death.