Tears, that reminds me , Am empty

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Unknowingly my tears roll down

revealing the fact that, I still miss you

Even amidst the loveliest crowd

my mind wanders around you

searching every inch of the world around me 

for you..

It is impossible at times, to flood my heart with the love

I was gifted by you , 

with the void, I created, without you

It is filling with sorrow and afflictions

I am bounded by with the chains that are burdening my soul

the burdens that let me sail off, without you by my side. 





The world for me…

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Overwhelming me is just you

who grew fonder than I expected

Never was I someone who will sacrifice

but for you, even the world seemed small to me

I could throw away, whatever was mine

to embrace you till death part us

walking beside you, with your arms

enclosing me, closer to your heart

all I hear is the chaos of your heart

that keeps repeating my name, wading away

the world around you.

all I know is that,

the world for me begins in you

and ends in you.



Like the shore to the sea…

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You are the one

I belonged to,

every fairy tale is a song about you

every broken dream completed with you

every inch of me, faultlessly affixed with you

like broken pieces of puzzle joined together

like the shore to the sea

I waited patiently to be consumed by you

filling my life with your aura

that enchants me.

Learning from my child …or unlearning few things

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The usual lazy afternoons where I spend working as well watching my lil one play around is the common scenario, one might get to see as they come home.

My lil one, who is awaiting her sister to return from her school, forces me to be her game partner. But yes, All I have to do is just listen to her, focussing her, leaving no gap on attending to her words.

And, yes like an obedient mother,, I sit and listen to her, engrossed in her talks, which are sweeter than honey to me.

She was playing with her dolls, one of which was a joker, another one a boy baby and another one a girl baby. She was making up a story and enacting it to me, like a puppet show.

She said that the girl baby is cooking and the boy baby is sleeping all along. To my surprise, the sleeping feminism in me was shaken. I asked her curiously, why is that the boy baby is not doing anything. To this she gave me a weird smiling, telling me ” mama, the boy baby don’t know anything, he just eats“. It took me totally dumbstruck… what!!! what on earth made her think so… Is it my fault .. oh My !! Am I really bringing up another girl, showing her that none of the men works in the kitchen :P.

Immediately, I said ” No baby, you should ask the boy baby to wake up and help the girl baby in the kitchen. The boy baby doesn’t know anything, so the girl baby can teach him and slowly the boy baby will help the girl baby“.

She listened to every word I said carefully and immediately came to the boy baby, waking up from his deep slumber.

Ah! Finally, I saw that the boy baby and the girl baby are working together in the kitchen…

Seriously I felt a great Relief !!!

No words could explain that feeling.

Raising independent women is never easy, but never impossible. I just wish that everyone be it a boy or girl, work with a sense of responsibility towards their home equally.

We don’t want equality , but understanding and sharing. 


When my meloncholy met madness

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Where the melancholy met my madness

withering my inner peace into pieces 

flown away by the wind,

All I did was stand in despair

waiting for it to be returned with the wind again

my journey let me walk on thorns, befriending my feet like flowers

anonymously marking its sharp edges on me

even as I hugged it dearly.

My journey for contentment disintegrated like an annihilated piece, 

never to be stitched or glued together.