proud to be her mom

Thanks to my friend who reminded me about this activity , actually inspired by her post to do this  post.

I always loved dance , wanted to learn it for a long time. Now I guess even if i want to learn my knees and legs are not gona keep up with me ( signs of getting older and fatter ūüėČ )

Luckily  without forcing itself my daughter seemed to be interested in dance ,and we are double lucky as we have a dance teacher residing in our apartment , who is ready to take up the dance class for kids. 

My lil  gal keeps dancing all around , whenever i play some songs ,and my younger one follows her foot steps too . My lil nandu gets enough dance class from her teachers , and she is good enough to be selected in such activities .

I thought that they will select her only for activities that involve standing simply, because last  two times she was bharatmata, wherein she just have to stand still . Yea, she loves it too. But with her new teacher coming to class, she seems to love all other activities too ,she keeps chanting mantra, sining and dancing rhymes, telling stories . Thanks to that mam.

She keeps following whatever her teacher says, the other day , wherein she has to say a small speech, she kept practicing it , until she is thorough with it. I loved the determination and the strength of her mind, to do , what she was asked to do. Because I know why she was trig hard on it, its because her teacher said ” nandana you have to study , and tell it without looking at paper” and my lovely lil girl promised her mam that she would study it well and come.

Overtime she studied it , she kept saying , that she has to say it without looking at paper and she did it flawless. I feel proud about its because I never tried that hard to get things done , as I was solo lazy. 


lovely eyes looking at me

Eyes are  a medium of communication.

Eyes never lie to us , sometimes a smile betrays .

I feel like an angel blessed on earth , when my kids look at me. Its a special feeling . Like being so powerful , being a mom , doing things without being  asked by them. I kept looking at them, wondering how powerful the GOD is . How beautifully he placed this life in my womb .

I feel so blessed being a woman , blessed to give two different lives out of me . The feeling of my babies inside me , when they were born inside me, just like a seed ,and slowly growing up with  time  .  We feel the presence and their love inside us and thats the best emotion we ever feel and its powerful. 

Actually these thought help us through the delivery pains , I kept saying my friends , when the pain arrives , i remember my moms words , if I stop the baby will be no more, i need to give the best , everything else in GODs hand. 

Being a mom changes everything , the lovely little eyes, looking at me asking me for my special attention, love and my hands legs everything. Either they take my attention or grab it. Both ways I love it. Our attitude to everything around us and to everyone changes. I feel the difference when am looking at people around me, earlier things which never influenced me , are bothering me or I start to look over it. 

When my girls look at me, I feel like they are asking me to take care of them and my eyes reply them back saying don’t worry my lil angels , I will not let anything harm you.

dads , they are special

Will there be any dad , who comes home all tired and just wanting to lie down, but still make sure they give a tight hug to their kids before on for anything.

Am pretty sure there won’t be ¬†any dad as such, who can ignore their lovely kids. Kids smiles are like soothers when we have any problems. Its for them we live at times . When we loose our interest ,to do anything, they just bring in the smile thats lost.

I have seen my kids eagerly waiting for their dad to be home ,and they just jump on to him ,and he smiles ,it looks like all the tensions are vanished off from his face. The best thing of the day for him ,i guess will be seeing her his lovely kids greet him , and jump around him in happiness .

Kids keep waiting , gazing though the windows when its time for him to come, or when I tell them, he will arriving soon. I have done it too when my dad used to return from office . And it was on of favourite thing to keep on chatting with him , explaining everything happening at school . 

Only dads , gives a different space of time for us and for girls its a special feeling. Being pampered by their dads , its like being a princess. Only dads can make a girl feel like a princess . Its a different magic , dad- daughter relationship. it never changes , because you are still their lil gal , always and forever. 

I know because , even if now am down with a headache or fever, my dad worries , its always the same, they notice all these things even if we are small lil girl or a mother of two kids . Thats like being treated special. 

We are moms tail always as a kid , but am sure , there are pretty many things, we need our dad, and no one can replace it. My dad, has always encouraged me , to do things which I love to do . Every dad want their kids to do and be something in life, so that they can be proud of them. Every dad might not be successful , they might have made mistakes , had downfalls , but they never stop loving their kids. 

Men are not supposed to be too soft hearted it seems , but when they become a dad or a granddad , things change , they will be like a child with a beautiful heart filled with love and care . They might not show it much , or most probably they don’t know to show it , or they are afraid of being brittle in front of others , their love is a like a diamond, hidden under their tough hearts and when discovered , its the precious gem of all.¬†

Whether you are bad , or good, you did hurt or not, am sure all dads will be with their kids , forever supporting him/her in their prayers. 

Will I be judged ??

Whenever I think of being an ambitions person, I get scared by the society at times and some times I just ignore ,and decide what should I do for my own very best. 

I guess every women go though that phase. 

When we decide that we should move on and get something done for ourself , everyone right with you will start pointing finger at you. Its like we are being crucified . ITs always ¬†like that, when something good has to happen we need to go through all criticisms , and finally when we are on with it, nothing can stop us , because its God’s will .¬†

Women are judged for many reasons relating to their kids life. They are always supposed to be a homemaker and many find it difficult to breakthrough that norm , and those who come out of it, its like a winning trophy for them. 

The struggles become easier when you have your dear ones supporting you. IT happens only when , we win their trust. Any one can achieve anything they want , when they have a supporting family as well as friends , who tap on their shoulders and say you move on, we are there to support you always . 

Kudos to those , who have such a beautiful family, they are blessed. Sometimes every decision by any one is judge differently , its¬†because others don’t¬†know why¬†the other person did so, so instead of being judgemental ,¬†support them if we trust them. There are many things going on in the world which we may no understand ¬†and need not also .

At times let things go on as it has to, let people say what they have to , if are confident we are not hurting atleast a few, and there are a few who think what we do is right , just move on .There is no point in blabbering that we have to be equal to men, its up to both men and women to support each  other in what they do, even if its work or family , that when equality comes in. 

Judging someone without knowing what they are actually doing, or what they are going though , will be the worst thing any person can do to another person. Most of them experiences teaches them a lesson  or  comes as a blessing. 

Its weaning time ….patience

Its the toughest decision to take .

I was not sure how to do , as I didn’t go through this earlier.

I was confused how things will go, how she will manage .

I was upset to see her cry and asking me for milk.

But one fine morning , I decided , instead of thinking , its time for her , and I kept trying for days and days , everyone helped me , and I was happy that am not alone. I had to keep my heart hard as a rock. 

She kept crying and crying but suddenly at one point she understood whatever I said , atleast thats what I believed . I guess she understood from my teary eyes and the low words that Mom has no more to give . Hope she forgives me and adapt to other things. 

I know its a stage in every kids life , but for me, its only mine ,my special one , I cried , I couldn’t hold my tear when she was crying , still I had to do it. I kept trying and trying , did not want to loose heart or my patience and do y very best. I kept telling myself , its good for her , am doing as best as i can , I know she won’t starve , she has enough outside but ofcourse not as good as mine.¬†

I wanted to do so that was final, no more thoughts should cloud my determination . And finally overcame my thoughts and everything went well, though its tiring and tough , we loose our patience couple of times . At times its my elder one who helps me out in dealing with her sister, she keeps telling her , that when we grow up , no more milk there, trying her best to convince her .

Finally , now when she herself says “mama, milk over ” , I feel so sad , but , she hugs me ,as if to tell me ” mama, don’t worry am fine , don’t cry ” .

I love my daughters in the way they support me, love you both always . 


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