Managing through issues


Nowadays am dealing with lots of pressure on how to deal with my kids and household.

At first as every panicky mom , I wash;t sure ,whether I will be able to do everything on my own , then my loving mom and husband, gave me proper encouragement , helping me deal with my dielemma .

And I realised, its all about adjustments , when we learn to adjustments  we learn to go smoothly. No ones life is like a humpless road , and its ofcourse like indian roads, with lots of holes and breaks , and we need to be so careful while we are on road , to not to fall in those holes. 🙂

We learn a lot when we are dealing with things alone , once we have someone to depend on, we keep on depending, and we get lazier. At one point in life ,we are left with no other option than to be independent , and at that time , we will be like fish out of water. 

We all have a comfort level and once we are out of it , we learn many new things , as we have to deal with different situations . We have to teach our kids to be independent too, else we unknowingly build up a child , who cannot adjust to anything in the world. 

A child learns from his/ her parents, and once he/she sees his parents live up to the situations , kids automatically , learn to live through any problems. There are no problems , without solutions .

Every situation can be handled with lil support, lil happiness and care.


What to give and what not ????

To all those parents worrying about what to give babies and kids , I feel like telling them, why worry just give  whatever you like .

I have seen many parents worrying about the same, I agree that we should avoid sugar for some pout on time but , why to to avoid giving water to babies. For both my babies i have given them water from the very first day, it helps to improve their digestions and helps to avoid urinary infections  and remove yellowishness in babies.

When we say give water, it does’t mean a glass of water , its just drops ..and when they grow lil more, increase the quantity. Lot many moms make a fuss, when doctors say avoid giving anything to babies until they are 6 months, but what you do when your babies are hungry and they keep crying , you don’t give a damn to these things, u need to give them something other than breast feed. Ofcourse never stop breastfeeding your babies, thats the best , but still you can add something new to your babies diet.

Luckily , my kids doctor never advised me to stop other food for my babies , in addition to my feeding i give her other semi solid food too and water. Even I never give my kids smashed food , whenever I imagine giving such food , I just feel awkward , how can I give this food , when I cannot even imagine giving my kids.

This is not a piece of  advice , just a note out of my concern. I am  not a perfect mom , i too have imperfections , but ofcourse I learn from my mistakes, and do concentrate on how to make my kids happy and want to give them , the best and healthy food.

Be healthy and be happy my lovely kids…

I want like that



Copying is a general tendency in kids, and I have seen it grow more and more , by years in my daughter. 

Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. As parents , when our kids copy good behaviour from other kids , we feel happy but at the same time , if its a bad one,  then we tend to get angry , reacting badly to kids, and in a way ,showing our kid another bad side of ours. 

Even I do the same, I get angry, and rethink about it only when we have made the damage. These damages cannot be changed , and if changed , it takes time. We as parents need to impart good into our kids, and learn them to distinguish between good and bad. I make sure that, once i realise I have done bad, I apologise to her , trying to put up in her mind, that if ever you realise your mistake you need to apologise.

My daughter has more tendency to copy her friends, which leads to do like others, than being herself, sometime I wonder what it would be like , later when she grows up. Then my mom , assures me by saying , these things will fade of , and she will be herself, however she copies her friends. Sometimes its fun to watch kids do things alike. 

Sometimes as moms we feel that kids copying for things like , food , dress n all is negligible . But  kids , they smartly , copies all and demands for everything like others ” I want like that one ….mom” . Don’t know whether to stop it or encourage it. 



When I was a kid i used to wonder why teachers give lots of home works….some time they are interesting , and sometimes soo boring…and of course as all parents says … home works are important and it helps you assess your knowledge but nowadays it seems like kids are overloaded  with lots of work, the time they have to enjoy playing they have lots more to do.

As soon as my kid enters home, she takes a bath n has her lunch,, then immediately she wants to finish her home works, seems like interested to write , but its just for the start , after sometime , after all the fun colouring , she wants me to help her. 

ITs easy if someones holds a pencils and make them write , no need to think , no need to say and no need to strain just like a doll on a string dancing along ,with the string movement . She enjoys writing sometimes, but sometime when there is lot more to do , she just gets bored, and I do love to help too, as its easier ,because home works finishes faster.

Kids in this generation are far more advanced,they learn everything quickly. Its like we have to be in pace with them to be better. Studying is  easier , as long as kids enjoy it , once it is a burden, they stop learning .

Sleeping tantrums


Her round eyes keep staring me  while I make her sleep…singing singing , something am not so good at. I keep murmuring in my thoughts , what exactly is going on in her mind, looking at me while she is feeling soooo sleepy. 

i felt she wants me to pick her up from her cradle and hold her in my arms, play with her, cuddle her. Even though I feel she wants all these, i do not pick her up , because , she is sleepy. She keeps smiling , trying to convince me ” mom , i don’t want to sleep now, just let me play , or be in your arms ,to look around ,what’s happening” . 

She keeps playing , in her cradle , or making noises trying to deviate my mind , and convince me , to pick her up, she does all these dramas and  of course she does make us take her and we could  see the joy in her eyes .

I always loved t make my daughters sleep, its sometimes  tedious , now its  more like a hurdle for me, somedays its easier , somedays whatever we do , they don’t feel like sleeping.

Wondering what all next to come .


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