To the strong women, I know


She has love and kindness in her eye

She can suffer the pain in silence

She can be a rebel too

She can be the sweetest honey

She can be bitter too

She can be a goddess and devil

She can be molded into whatever you want her to be

She was a nurtured from you, she was born from you

She is the strength as well as the weakness in you

She is the warmth and the coldest fear that will hurt you

She has the power to do everything that is unimaginable to you

Yet she is the most fragile at times, soft as a flower petal

She can be the home to you, She can even be the home away from you

She can be what you wanted her to be and the most you wanted too

The strength in her body is not judged by her appearance, but her heart which she carried

Awakening her from her deep sleep, she can fly away and even reborn like a phoenix from the ashes

her power is her soul

caress her, love her, respect her, be with her, hold her close to you not beneath you.

There is no moon without sun, both are an integral part to sustain life on earth

the same way there is no man without a woman, and neither a woman without a man.

The faster everyone realizes and respect each other, the world would be the better place to live.


Happy Women’s Day to all the strong women in the world !!



Is love complicated or was she?


Memories were deep

some caused her hurt and some gave her comfort

the memories were so sharp that it could wound her soul

her eyes faded her pains with a smile that enlightened everyone around her

she was lively and smiling, yet none knew the hidden her

she never let her tears roll out in front of the strange world

the ones who never knew her

even though they claimed to know her the best

she craved for none, but only love

love in the simplest form

she never fondled herself with precious gifts

she longed for only the heart that could love selflessly

she could live even without being loved, yet her soul yearned for the presence

more than the presents that were offered

she could not find out why it was so complicated to take care of herself

was love soo complicated?

doesn’t it mean that you just need a heartful touch to the soul

she could feel that her memories that she cherished in her forever could give her goosebumps

yet the ones near could never overwhelm her with their presence too.

was she too complicated and hard-hearted?

she never knew the answer

yet she thrived hard to find the answers

her quest for love never ended until she met someone who answered all her question, with his presence.

Living her dream was all she did


Under the starry night sky , she lay there on the grass ,holding his hands

resting her head on his shoulders , that supported her all the time

in all the phases of her life and every second

she felt his eyes were more attractive than the stars in the night sky

the stars seemed blurred ,than the twinkling of his eyes

she could cherish these moments forever

the passion in his eyes, the hunger in his soul to be with her

the longing of their hearts to unite to be one

the oneness in their essence, brought them joy

and separations brought in anxiety and worry

they loved like true lovers to unite

unable to stay away from one another

Even being two different entities,

the essence remained the same

the richness of their inclination was enough to fill their life with love

he was what all she wanted and dreamt of

the night was chilling and the whole universe conspired to make the fall into deep love

even the most little moments they were together

the memories became the base of all their life

the strong core that were building for their future

the way the carefully cemented their base of the life with love ,care and passion

throwing out all their limitations and shortcomings

building a virtual home of their own

she woke from her lovely dreams, feeling the warmth of the kiss he planted on her forehead

she was not in a dream ,the reality of living with the one she loved

was the most beautiful dream she ever fulfilled .


Her tears never cheated her


Tears speaks happiness and sorrow

They roll down to your cheeks wetting the soul

She closed her eyes so that they don’t roll down

at times memories bring out the tears alive

She zipped the eyelids tightly so that the world never knew

She closed her eyes and shut the window to the world

Even in pain, the tears never cheated her

The agony was high, yet she could resist the gateway

In happiness, her tears objected and rolled down

to express the gratitude and joy of being there

When none around, her eyes profusely wetted her soul

An uncontrollable scream from inside

which she silenced every moment to bring in peace

She never tried to let her tears flow out in front of anyone

None knew she cried, as she was smiling all day long

Her tears was the gateway to her heart, yet none knew the path

hidden underneath her bright smile

She knew the only one who loved her the most

knew the key to her heart, where she treasured all her love and passion

She waited for the moment where she could cry out loud on the shoulders of the one she loved the most

of the one she loved the most, the wait was a pain too

yet when she found him, there was none to hide

nor the tears and nor the fears.

there was only love and love alone.

The wait for the life to bloom


Amidst nature, on the lonely bench, among the crowd, she sat

gazing at the amazing nature, wondering how God created everything so beautiful around her

She sat recollecting her fond memories, her memories that created a new her

a new life

a new perspective

a new vision

as she closed her eyes, enjoying her most lovable moments

she recollected the warmth of his arms and the love in his eyes

In the most memorable moments in their life

he asked her ” I want to have a life with you, I want a life out of you that is created with all our love”

All she could do was smile and say “yes” to him

And as she opened her eyes, there he was caressing her womb, the life that was growing inside her

the love creation, the love that bonded them forever

she sat near him, resting her head on his shoulders, and he caressed her hair and arms

giving her the comfort and strength she needed

the joy of becoming parents from life partners was an amazing joy.

Every moment, their love doubled, the way he looked at her changed

There was love in his eyes and respect

She could fall in love with him again and again

The joy of welcoming their pulse of life was at its highest

The wait for the moment to being parents was the amazing moments of life.

Her womb protected the life and his hands gave the warmth needed.

Together they waited for the flower of life to bloom.

Where all starts with love and ends in love

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