The best way my daughter expresses her love for me is when she hugs me.

She extends her arms and hold me around my neck so tightly that , I feel so relaxed and happy.And she  hugs me and gifts me with lovely sweet kiss. There is nothing sweeter than this , nothing refreshing than the love i receive from her.

Perhaps she must have noticed that , whenever they are happy or upset, or crying or scared , we take them in our arms , and hold them tightly closer to ourselves. Nothing can be as protective as a mothers arms. When she is happy, she just hugs me and press her face onto mine , and give a lovely sweet smile . 🙂

It just reflects warmth, affections and the acceptance from them , and they feel the same.It strengthens the relation. Some emotions are hard to be told , and can be expressed in a hug.

It works like magic .


Off to the park



Summer has begun and its all fun time for kids, all bright and sunny around them with lots of time to play.

 Even though she plays a lot in her school, the moment she wakes from her sleep , she wanted to go out and play in the park , where her school friends will accompany her.She was all excited the first day , we were going to the park, after a long gap of the cold winters , we were going to have fun. 

I expected  her to jump around in happiness and play on slides , swings and sea saws ,but to my  disappointment  , she was just lingering around me itself. Then when her friends arrived , she was all excited, so i sent her to play with them , but , again , she would climb up and stand still there, and again run back down the steps, instead of sliding .

I was not sure what exactly was going on in her mind, then I accompanied her even though I wa scared of heights and sliding , I went for my daughter to give her more courage. I tried to make her sit , but she was not willing , and the truth was even I was scared , its funny but the truth. After making her sit next to me, I took her down the slide , once , twice and more , then I stopped and gave her a break. 

The first day was a failure, on the slide. But to my surprise , the second day , she went happily on to the slide, even though she called me to accompany her , I did not and let her do it alone. Seeing all other excited kids around , she got the enthusiasm to try the slide alone , and yes she did it all alone and came running to me and told ” mamma , we did it” .

And I was so pleased about myself and my lovely lil daughter.As a parent I withdrew on many things I wanted to do for her , but when her happiness was considered , I never put myself  away from trying. Hope I do that now and then to see my lovely kid happy.

Tantrum handling


Its one of the most important thing in parenting , considering how to make kids listen to us .

Most of the time , they get irritated and fail to listen what exactly we want them to do or rather , we stop listening to what exactly they want us to give them.In such cases , its all a waste of energy to compel them to listen to us. 

Some try punishments like time out , or tell them if they behave badly , they will get bad punishment and many more. Punishments must be different for different kids , depending on their basic nature. All have a different aspect of looking into a particular matter , as how the adults differ in it , the same way kids also differ in it. Some kids need to learn through little bit of harshness or some others a simple way .

But to built a better person tomorrow , we need to be conscious about what we choose for them.When ever they do something good enough , reward them, so that they feel like doing more and more of such good deeds , but of-course we need to be cautious of what we are rewarding them with. Make them appreciate even the little things in life , so that later on they learn the value of what they have.

Even though am not an expert parent , am also learning how to control her tantrums , sometimes its difficult to handle and sometimes like miracles or magic, my daughter tend to listen to me and keep calm, as she knows that for patience she get rewarded with her favorite lollipops . 🙂 I love to see her happy and I always wanted her to listen to me , and not make a fuss  , and I always tried to keep up my promise on rewarding her. 

Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is constant work and growth. 

The Wait



You might be wondering what the title is about, it all about the time i spend waiting for my kid to come n give me a lovely smile n hug from her class… conveying me through her smile that her day time in school went well and she enjoyed loads.

I have seen her crying n coming out of her class, even smiling or complaining  that she didn’t get something she wanted and many more . The best thing is the way she comes out of her school , i adore that. I never wanted to miss that lovely scene .

As always , I hurry to pick her from school and reach there at least 15 mins before , because , I don’t want to see any disappointment on her face , that her mommy didn’t arrive when she came out looking for her. That pains me more than a dagger. 

The fifteen minutes I wait to see her , is always very slow as if a snail is moving . I keep my ears sharp to hear any sounds from inside just to know what she is doing , just out of curiosity.Its being the same past 6 months , since she joined her school.

Waiting is painful even when we know that kids will come out at a certain time . every minute seems like years and its vice-verse when  we are out of time , minutes run like they are in marathon. 

“ I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.” (Paulo Coelho)

Play Time



My daughter loves to play around with her toys as all other kids with her toys scattered around which she never bothers to pick up n clean.

I know this is with all the kids . The more we ask them to clean up , the more messier they become.My lovely daughter has a different method, she pretends that she is cleaning up and puts just one or two in the basket and the rest she will ask us to clean it up.

Whenever am off to cleaning , I someway manage to clean up her toys and the moment I clean up the room and move to the next one, she makes sure that , she puts all the toys back on the floor. 🙂 And the cleaning becomes a never ending process.

When her granddad was here , I cannot recollect how many times , that he used to help in cleaning up her toys , but I do appreciate the patience in doing so. Grandparents can do a a lot many things for their grandchildren , all out of love and affection.

Whenever her dad makes a bigger tower than hers, she knocks it down and again make him do it .She always love to play with her dad, because only dads can play as the kids want them to. How much ever they get tired , dads adore to play with their lovely little kids.

Play time is the best way to teach many things to kids , they learn , enjoy and enact what they have learnt. It so beautiful to observe the kids play. 

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