She was lost ……until


Where is she?

Where is her smile, the ones that brighten up her eyes?

Where is she, who enjoyed every moment?

Is she lost behind all those fake smiles?

She questioned on her own since there was none to do so

she was alarmed at the change she had

She was hidden, under the shadows of her responsibilities

unquestioned by anyone, unattended by her loved ones

Was she someone else now?

She has lost the charming smile, that lit herself like a lamp

she has lost the artistry of living a little

To live it up, all she needed was a push

a push to the infinity, where she had all the happiness trapped in

She was lost in the world of deadweight

Until she found the love to live

the love that brightened up, with him she was herself

she could never hide her happiness, her sorrows, and even her limitations

She felt being the powerful to express what she was

something she waited for long, was in her life now

Love changed her

recovered her selfhood from the infinity.

She found joy in all around her,

she could smile even with his thoughts running in her mind

Abundant love was what brought her back to life

Holding his hands, she relished her life

unknown to boundaries and hurdles.


She was paradox


Colors everywhere

yet she was in hiding herself in the mystic black

did she convey that she hated all colors?

No, she was not, she loved the mystery of black

only the ones who knows her what is hidden underneath the black

black welcomes all colors and soak them into itself

the beauty of black is unmatchable

the blackness of the night sky

darkness has its own beauty

beauty only know to the ones who admire everything

the world that just loves fairness, fail to admire the elegance of black

the mystery that holds in the darkness is the one that tantalizes her

she wanted to be mysterious to the world and know to only those who know her in depth

she posed to the world as someone who wants to be hidden

she was not an open book, but an enigma

she was afraid to get out of the paradox she built, to keep herself happy

the riddle in her soul was just unwinding itself when she falls in love

yet the conundrum remained unsolved like the demure black hole.

As she drifted into deep sleep


Her eyes were slipping into a deep sleep

yet her mind was not resting

she wanted to play again

she wanted to be awake, even when her eyes cheated her

by dozing off while she tried to keep it awake

she was looking at her heart that lay close to her

the one she had given a life out of her

the one she nurtured forever in her womb for months

the one she wanted to be in her arms

she watched as her Lil one was playing with her hair and the little dolls she had cuddled

she watched and watched as her eyes were dripping into sleep

yet she woke up to admire the love on earth that was for her

in between as she admired her, her Lil baby fondled her cheeks and gave her a kiss

she was flattered and floating in the air, with all the love she showers on her

there is nothing more beautiful than the love of a mom and baby.

Live in the moment

8dd540134eebf9e0af7cc2303686ce86               The ticking clock is racing with her heart beat

It is as if, the time want her to race through the juncture

the hands of the clock were never waiting

not giving her enough time to live the moment

the seconds slipped from her hands

they tried to live through every second they could grab

Time was yet crucial

she wanted to live years and years cuddling

but the short lifespan was not letting her live through

it was best not to look at the time and live every twinkle as if it was another year

Every split second was worthy, that was fondled to remember for a lifetime

The beginning and the end was not in their hands, yet the ticking time was there’s

living in the blink of an eye, was all they could do

when it was time to move away, their hearts tore into pieces

the pain was sharper than she expected

the absence was like a void

she could live in the void with the hope

the deprived of feeling was the most torturing

she lived through it …with the power of love.

the hope of another tomorrow

the hope of being in his arms again

was the only force that drove her to her destination.

I miss you


The plight of missing is the aftereffect of being in love

Wait becomes more painful

Patience becomes the virtue

The words ” I miss you” keeps murmuring in every thought until the souls meet

the dreams becomes the painful truth

the wait becomes a joy too at times

the excitement of being together for even a moment was a profound joy

the joy that had a countless pleasure

She cold drive him crazier

Her eyes spoke thousands of hidden emotions

the magic of the hugs and smiles

the aroma of his presence that could be maddening

the magnetism in the air that keep their souls attracted to each other like opposite poles

the gravitational pull, that is uncontrollable

Yet, the wait made it possible for them to live through the moments

the wait was their call to the patience

yet they could fight it with lots of love

the wait is never over…..

the more they loved, the wait increased ………..

more and more ….bonding them forever again…….

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