Bright winter mornings


With the morning rays touching the cheeks and shining brightly on her face, she woke up to a beautiful winter morning. The time when the rays of the sun had the winter touch a soft cold touch with light heat. The mornings are pleasant, she could hear the chirping of the birds, the bright eastern light is slowly creeping into the house.Even though the morning is quite inviting, she wanted to curl in her bed and just pretend sleeping and fall into her dreams.

It was time, it was time to go, there was no point in going back to sleep, nature was calling her. And she got up and freshened up and went to the kitchen. First thing in the morning she wanted was a hot cup of tea. The water was kept for boiling and milk aside. As she opened the tea, the aroma of the tea just struck in her soul. She always loved the smell, reminding her of her childhood days.

The tea was done and she took her cup of her tea to the couch. The early mornings are just her time, she just wished no one stole it from her. Just she herself and the warm cup of tea. The winter light sun w as smiling brightly. As she looked outside there were many birds chirping and flying and trying to find something on the ground. She kept gazing at them for some time. She was happy and smiling.

The soft touch of the breeze was caressing her face and making her tea colder.The light shade of fog and the beams of the sunlight cutting across the fog was an enigmatic beauty to watch for.

As she took a sip of her tea, she could feel the tea rolling down her food pipe to her tummy. The feeling is tickling her soul. The relaxed mornings are the perfect time to plot her day.

As she took her second sip, there came a call from the bed behind her “mama, I need you”. The smile on her face brightened up, as you could the smile spreading on her cheeks to her little one’s cheeks. The warmth of love is something that makes the mornings worthwhile.


Drops of cascading memories


She was waiting, gazing at the sky. The sky was getting darker, the jam of dark clouds above her, giving her terrifying look. 
It was about to rain. 
The thought of rain took her back to her good old days.

The joy of rain is truly something that can be cherished. The feel of raindrops tingling down her nose to the lips, the touch of those nature clad droplets making her feel alive. The raindrops rolling down like the soft hands caressing the soul. The feel of the cold winds was just making her shiver a little and then the longingness to snuggles under someone’s arms heightened. The sound of rain and the smell of the wet soil was indeed a special combination, it is like the smell revives the sleeping soul. The freshness of the rain brings back many cascading memories, to make her feel the longing to grab the hands of her loved ones and walk under a single umbrella clinging to one another.  

The memories were flooding her soul like the waterfall. Some sweet, some sad and some happy moments in the life.  All she could see from this chitter-chatter rainfall was the distant tea shop that was serving a warm cup of love. The warmth of the tea was pulling her towards the shop. 

She was feeling cold, her feet was all wet and the rings on her feet was clinging on to the other fingers. The cold winds were tickling her feets and the small fingers were literally shivering. The need for warmth was soo intense that she decided to run to the shop, despite not having an umbrella. 

The rain was at its best. The rain, the mountains and the immaculate beauty that was conspiring her to grab the tea were at its intense level. As she was thinking to step out, she kept her hands to feel the rain. The droplets seemed like diamonds falling in her palms and vanishing with a shine. The memory of her childhood flashed in her eyes. 

She just took another step and all she was drenched. The whole feel of the rain was making her soul alive, like water to a desert animal. Rain has the synergy to bring out the soul to nourishment. She stood there holding her chin up and feeling the rain. All she wanted to do was just dance in the rain like a child, jumping up and down like the pitter-patter of the rain drops. 

As she was about to open up her eyes while battling thousands of emotions, her Lil girl came and held her hands asking “mama can I play in the rain? “. All she did then was jumping up and down in those rainy puddles and feel the child inside her. 

Sometimes our child brings the childhood alive in our life. Grabbing second chances is never too late. 

The long wait


The cold winds caressing her feet and slowly covering the wounds of the feet . The sharp edges that left her bruised and feel the pain was smoothened by the hands of the wind. The coldness is catching her feet and slowly climbing up to her, giving her the creepy cold touch.

The woolen hands which are warm enough to keep her alive for the winter , as it passes by until when the sun shines. The cold feet and the cold hands are awaiting the rise of the sun, to feel the warmness of the sunlight to fall on . The longing for the warm and sunny weather is all in her eyes and looking up to the horizon from the window near her. The wait is not over ,still the sun os not up.

All she could see was the little kids walking in the snow , covering themselves in the warm jacket and gloves ,hitting all the snow that comes in their path. She saw that everyone is so happy , yet for her, she wanted the cuddle , the warmness of the morning . The clear sky and the chirping of birds. She realized how much she missed her home, which she left behind to travel around the world.

Little did she know that she would be greedy for the presence of the other world ,where she grew ,she nourished and she felt alive. And here she was all numb and lost in her thoughts. As she sat near her window, putting her hands outside to catch a snowflake. She looked everywhere around ,it was early morning and yet the sun was not out, and all were out for work. Many battling the cold and walking to the tram stops and boarding the tram off to work.

As she was longing for a nice cuddle, her little sparkling eyed girl woke up and came running to her cuddling her and sneaking her hands into her jackets to fee the warmth. Then they spend their time gazing out of the window before the sun was out by 11.

I cannot have enough of your time MOM

Mother daughter hugging and smiling

The nights ,where I could cuddle near you, sleep and hug you keeping my legs over you and enjoy a warm sleep.
The soft touch of your caring hands that shower enough blessing for me to live forever.
The way you talk, I love your company more than anyone.
The way you cook and feed me ,even now.
The way you complain that I have not done enough , but on the other side, without me knowing, saying all good things about me.
The way you care and nurture me and now my kids.
The way you bring in and shower all the goodies to my kids whenever you come.
The longing I see in my kid’s eyes ,for you to come and be with them. The way you make my home a heaven.

The way you give company for my loneliness.

The list is endless.

I can never have enough of your time. I am greedy . I need more always.

We fight ,we argue and we have a difference of opinions , but you are my mother, the most treasured gift of my life. In the end of all arguing ,you can find me doing always what you wished for, and I am sure you make right choices for me.

Now since am away from you, the time and the gap kills me, I just wanted to be home and be in your presence .Even though we fight hours and for everything , my life without you is like trees without the sunshine.

I get jealous of others who have their mom near, but even being miles away, you are always with me. The thousand times I call to disturb you , I know it never bothers you because you are used to it. Your sound , your message are enough helping me out in most of the times.

I love the way you complain that I call hundred times a day. And when I don’t call, the immediate call I get, which I answer with a naughty smile and twinkle in my eyes , is all my love for my mom, who loves me the most in the world.

Every day and every minute make me feel I need my mom always and forever.

How am learning to be a listener from my daughter

My little ones as any other child live to keep me aside and listen to all that is happening in her day.She wants me to listen to it fully without interrupting her. She never compromises on my work or anything else I have to do. Even if I turn my eyes off her, she gets angry . The very same moment she stops saying and gives me a look . The killing look , that implies ” Mom you are not listening to me ” .

All she just want is my attention and interest in her stories.

If she sings we must clap, but not sing along with her . It is her chance to portray her talent , hence she hates interruptions. Initially, as every mom, I just wanted to help her but every time I did it, she got angry and upset. So then she learned the first lesson not to interrupt her.

If she is narrating her experience, I should not do nay thing else, but keep listening to her ,because I have to be prepared to answer her questions in between. Yet another lesson of patience to stick to her words is also an important chapter, yet to learn 😉

Actually, parenting is not me teaching her, but am learning from her.

As a parent it is important for me to learn to listen to her, every time, to be with her and cherish the moments. Like many other moms, even I tend to deviate and keep myself busy on my mobile phones and TV or any other activities , that keep me just giving half my mind to what she says. It is when I realized how badly am hurting my daughter.

If I wish my child to listen to me, then first I should listen to her.

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