Why ?

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I may love you

I may not

I may rule you

I may not

It is just me on both sides

You choose to sustain with me

You chose to run away from me

Either way, I hold you dear 

close to my heart, enclosed in the deep dungeons of my heart

you bestow the poem called love in me

together we wrote music notes

 lived the lyrics of it in every second of love

walked away when the dusk showed on us 

We together weaved memories interlinking our hearts to it

every inch of the thread poked my heart  as you walked away

hurting the inner walls of  my heart

I wished to ask …







Explore the hidden me

Slide your fingers over my skin

Explore me

The underneath , where there are treasures

Treasures hidden from the world

Mixture of pain and passion

Where the devil in me is caged

Awaken the beast in me

Let me run wild

Wild enough to break the barriers

Awaken the real me

Who is madly in love

Rest in my arms

Where you will find solace

Taste a dollop of me

You will be enigmated with flavours of passion.

Wish I could erase memories

I do not want to rewind

I wish to forget

Wished I had amnesia

The power to rewrite

Rewrite the past

Past where I committed my sins

Sins where I lied and broke hearts

Mending was never a part of me

Being devil faltered my thoughts

Thoughts that ruined all

Wish I could escape from the poisonous sting

The invisible pain that is victimising me

Wish I could erase all

Relive again

To be purely me.

The symphony of love we recite

Love is being in you

The way you immerse in me

Like honey gliding down the throat

Feeling the walls painting them with you

I felt the passion burning in me and you

Your eyes locked in mine

Your lips pressed against mine

Every inch of me feeling you

Squeezed in your arms

I could feel your love

Unstoppable tongues twisting in each other

Cuddled in your arms

Nothing can beat the rhythm of your heart against mine

The symphony of love we recite

Brings out the passion in us.

Like the sunset

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Like the sunset

I never get tired of admiring

your love is overflowing into me

unchain my desires and paint me in red

like the sunset turns the sky into the colors it sleeps in

like the sea kiss and gulps the sun in 

take me into you 

for a good night sleep

let us embrace the peaceful night

just being you and me

entangled into a single envelop of passion…..

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