Wind Chimes- the melody to my ears

the music to my ears

the push in the air created ripples in the atmosphere

the breeze came along 

playing with the beads of the chimes

creating music in the melancholy

the sound of the wind chimes 

it was like the melody to my ears

with the breeze, the chimes danced its way

dangling in the air creating the waves of sound

killing the silence around me

whispering to me their presence

at times with a loudness or with a softness

it churns the loud wind into the loud music

and soft breeze like a melody to the ears

enlightening me to drift into a slumber

Playing the lullaby to me.


Light me up…

light me up like a candle

let me flame beneath you

let my warmth ignite you

the burning sensation is high

that I cannot withstand the heat

the lips are cold and warm

a tinge of wetness

that kills me from inside

hold me tight and kiss me tight

let me cool you down

burn the stress in you

and make you feel me all along

releasing the music of love

with the brush of our bodies along.




Taste me like never before

your words never uttered

a silent kiss told me a thousand words

our souls were conversing 

through our eyes and lips

with you, i am not rekindled 

but drowsy as if I just wanted to rest in your arms

you carry me like a flower petal

caressing me like a dew on the leaf

with one kiss. I want him to feel the eternal love 

I have in store for him

when I cuddle with you

I love it when you tuck away my hair

and plant a kiss on my neck

exciting every inch of me

and make me sink in your tattoos 

like we are one.

Eternal Bliss


amazed when I look at you

you have it all

which I ever wished to have

your eyes bequeathed the beauty

your heart engulfed mine

your voice enchanted

your touch tickled my soul

filling my heart with the desire

the desire to be yours forever

loving you is not easy

as you are like the wind

flowing like a river

yet you are mine

being imperfect

screwing up everything

yet resolving with a sweet kiss

you love me like am flawless

every morning is a bliss

as I wake up beside you.


Headache – the uninvited pain

you crawled up my veins

crouching my bones and nerves

you crept into my mind

fogging my brain

blinding my vision

causing me pain

quenching your thirst with my blood

causing wreckage in my brain

like a hammer hitting my brain

damaging it and breaking me into pieces

the pain creeping into my soul

wriggling my veins breaking it

causing my tears roll down to my cheeks

I feel like am frozen to death

I scream within unable to let out my cries

yet with a pinch of Medicine

I camouflage the brain

causing you numb

and awaiting the time you will be up again

to cause a havoc in my brain.


A tribute to the headaches which has become a part of my life journey ever since I knew what pain was.





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