Rest your head on me…

Rest your head on me

Let me caress you

until you fall asleep

let me kiss away your tiredness

until you relax on me

let me be the place where you can sleep

I want to brush your hair with my fingers

until your eyes drift into sleep

let my fingers play a rhythm in your heart

where you forget all your weariness and sleep in my arms

I will kiss on your eyes, nose and everywhere possible

so that you sleep tight in my arms

as my eyes rest on you all along

watching you soundly sleep off in my warmth.



You charmed me 

you brought meaning to my existence

the very first kiss

brought all of me out into you

every inch of me you kissed became a promise

a promise to be never washed away or be twisted

you tasted every flavor of me

cherishing all the taste 

enjoying the rhythm of my heart

rekindling all the hidden emotions in me

intoxicating my soul with your presence

enchanted in your scent. 





I feel connected

the connection is spellbound

unable to express the feeling 

yet you understand every breath in my silence

You took me in your arms and unfolded my dreams

your eyes connected with mine

unbuckling my thoughts

setting it free into the air

your lips stole the words that I lost in your presence

I felt the world around me sucked away

it was just you and me all around

you painted the love I just dreamed 

into reality on my body.

You take me,​ as I ever wanted

The touch of your hands

is like the lightning and thunder

shuddering and shivering my nerves

the feeling is like an impulse

the kiss on the neck

enlightening my soul

covering my whole self under your warmth

swaying in your arms 

forgetting the world around me

take me as a whole into you

feeling your world inside me 

is like being in heaven forever

As you take me in like I ever wanted.



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