It is just you

Heart opens up for him

he enters with a wide smile

eyes filled with passion

embracing me like never before

missing filled in his snuggle

taking me in his arms kissing me passionately

his touch excites every inch of me

driving me crazier like never before

every time he touches me

it is new and fresh

the passion never fails

the excitement is elevated

as I let you lay on my lap

while my fingers caressed every hair on you

kissing you mildly 

letting you go nowhere

falling in love with you in every blink of my eye

life becomes a paradise when you embrace me.






You- My incitment

Take my hand

take me along

as I cannot live without you

life becomes lethargic without you

as you are pulled away from me

your fingers glued to mine

it is hard to leave those

 like am just slipping into death valley

without you I am nonexistent

the moment you are near me

my heart comes to life

the moment you are pulled away

it goes to a complete silence

you are the impulse that brings me to life.




Like the lost ship..

Nowhere to look

oblivion to a distance

blurred images floating afar

imaginations running wild

wavering my mind

like the rushing waves

of a wild ocean

lost amidst the precariousness of the harsh waves

I was like the lost ship

venturing to a destiny unsure to me.



Beautiful feather in hand

dipping in the darkest ink 

he penned down the letter

with his quill

the letter full of passion

the letter filled with emotions

the words that awakened her

brought her to the life she had forgotten

every word he chose was filled in memories

memories of their days and nights together

until the words inked on the pages

he wrote …

the love letter.



Swan in the puddle

Image result for swan in the puddle

Thousands of questions

bubbling in her mind

unable to ask

unable to swallow

the taste seemed bitter

the unanswered questions

popped now and then

leaving her in dismay

All she wanted was the answer

old age creeping in her

she knew that there won’t be a looking back

gone are the days

which she cannot bring back

She remained silent..with a smile

Awaiting the clutch of oblivion 

when she will arise like the swan in the puddle.



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