Another busy day starts tomorrow..



After a long vacation, its again back to schedule. Nandu will be having playschool from tomorrow and I will get busy again. The long vacation was fun filled and we all enjoyed it very well.

The days were like long sleeping hours, late breakfasts and late lunches , small outings and a good vacation in Rome. Nandu is all set and ready for her school , back again to enjoy with her friends and lovely teachers. 

The long sleeping hours , made us so lazy it seems ,can’t even open our eyes ,even if its too late to get up.Now its again , time to get up early. This all reminds me about my good old school days . I was always lazy to get up early in the morning, my mom keeps on calling me and I keep sleeping again. Whenever she comes to check whether I was up from the bed , I sit up , and act as if am already awake and just getting off from bed . But the moment she goes back to kitchen , I fall back to bed , again to get at least a 2 minute sleep and it all ended up me getting enough shouting from her for being late.

Now thinking about all those good days , I wish I was a kid again.  🙂



Happy New beginnings !!!!





Every day is a new beginning  , but we all wait for a new year to come to start something new in our life.Every second in our life is precious , once lost ,will never get it back. 

We should live , love and cherish every moment in our life. May every second in our life , we try to do anything that makes others around us happier and valuable .Every day , when we open our eyes , let us all begin to live a new way .Have you observed the  sea , it brings what treasures it has in the depth  to the shore , along with the sea wave ,and when the time comes it takes it back, nothing is constant in life ,live for every second so that we never have to regret for anything.

Everyday is a new beginning , a new venture to start , a new way to see the life ahead, that makes us more loving , caring and be truthful to our selves. Its not about making ourselves beautiful everyday , but to make our thoughts and the way we look at our life  more elegant. 

Live and let live others .Be happy and contented with what you have. Histories have shown us , that seizing others dreams to accomplish ours will lead us to downfall. Any dream can be achieved with sincerity, love and hard work and more over by our own willpower. 

Let each day , we wish ourselves and people around us , to achieve  what they have wished for through a rightful way. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”


A look back to year 2012



When I was looking in my Facebook, I noticed something it was about my past year in a glance . Many photos were collated , reminding me about the past few months , that passed by.I thought I could pen down a few.

This year brought in many changes in my  life. Beginning of the year , myself and my husband celebrated for our lil princess’s birthday , with just few friends.Even though it was not a big party, we were happy to have some people around to celebrate her second birthday .

After that we started her first playschool , it was fun , a new place , where she enjoyed her music, and play ‘n’ learn classes. I noticed the changes in her , she was enjoying with her friends, I was always around her looking after her and playing with her.

She learned new songs and started to sing them , at home , got friends to play with , learned many new things. She was happier and enjoying her school. She was  looking  forward to go and play in her school.

When she was  two and half years , we put her in a new school , as my friend advised us to. I was little bit skeptical , about her adjusting there in the school , but to my surprise  she was comfortable there. After joining that school , she speaks a lot and gives us surprises all the time with her new activities.

For me the whole year , I met with many good friends and enjoyed every moment with my lil darling. My husband could fulfill his wish , by bringing them to visit us in switzerland.We had  good time with them. Nandu had enjoyed playing with her granddad. I loved to see them playing football , building blocks and many more. She loved  playing with her granddad.Everyday morning , when she gets up and I give her milk , she drink it by leaning on her granddad’s tummy.

Overall , we had a beautiful year and its coming to an end.  And yes of course , how can I forget , I started to follow my wishes. 🙂

Happy New Year .

We are welcoming 2013 to our life.


Dad and his lovely princess


There  is a special bond between a Dad and their daughters.He treats her as princess , and she treats him as a hero ,though many don’t show their love , a father loves their kids the most.

A mother expresses every bit of love , but a father does not, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love . Their hearts are filled with love , all day and night they are busy taking care of everything to give the  family happiness and protection.

I noticed how much my lil darling loves her dad, recently when we were on vacation. The moment she notices that her dad is not near by , she keeps on asking for him  , ” Where is dad ?” , ” why is he not here ? ” . She would not step into the hotel , without seeing him. Even I could see , how happy her dad was to see her concern for him.

The protection she feels from  him  , cannot be given by anyone else in the whole world. His arms are like , walls guarding her from all evils around. When I see them both playing together , or when he is giving her food , or making her bath, I feel a special kind of happiness in her.

I have noticed many kids , who love to be around their dad, its something special. It’s not like when their mom , does for them, they take it in a different way. Kids love to imitate their parents , and I always loved to see Nandu imitating me and her dad.

My dad , used to come and check over me at night , whenever I was not well . He could never sleep , when I was unwell. It’s the same now also , even though am a kid’s mother. He keeps on calling me , every time just to hear that am fine.

Looking at my husband , doing whatever our lil princess asks for is so lovely . When he gets tired of playing with her, she gives him a sweet kiss and again he starts to play with her , or deviate her from what she wants him to do. The best game he like to play with her is , by lying on the bed , and she keeps on jumping over him and rolling over him and both of them enjoys it very well.

Every kid is different and beautiful in their own way


All kids are loved by their parent , even if they are fair, dark, slow , fast, talkative, silent. If we love with our heart , we never notice such differences. Differences are seen by those , who are  only looking for faults and those who want to show they are better.

People generally have the tendency to compare kids with one another. That is the worst practice I have ever seen. Don’t they ever think , that the way they express their thoughts  make the parents feel bad.

Let the kids grow on their own pace, every one are born to be different , not same. Can anyone have similar interests and similar tastes in the world, some or the other way everyone differs from one another. Its time every one realise it.

The thought of showing themselves and their own kids more beautiful and excellent , all  feel like belittling others . Outer Beauty never stays forever , any small thing can spoil it , the inner beauty remains forever.

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