my accomplishments !!!!phew by 30 :)

I feel so blessed to own so many things by the age of 30 , though I may not be professionally a star but as a family person am perfectly happy.

A happy me and my own happy family , with perfectly all limitations and lil imperfections. ūüôā

I was never good professionally , may be that’s not my cup of tea , but no worries ,may be I will get things done well a lil later , and not at this time ¬†as everything comes to us only on perfect times . (of course its my dream , and am sure to achieve it ).

I have two lil darlings who are always with me , tagging along where ever am , and I enjoy it to the most. And their loving dad , who does a lot to balance  the family , with lots of office work and chatterbox wife and two lovely girls who are always in need of attention from him. 

As all perfectly imperfect families , even we too have lots of problems , but not too big , not to be left unsolved. His love and care and attention makes me more lazy , because I just get everything I wanted , without even asking ( okay may be not always , we are not mind readers  and life is not a movie).

Sometimes loosing something helps us to gain more happiness in life and I feel being a ¬†loser in my opportunities had led me to be happier and blessed with a wonderful family. I never thought I will be able to be a ‘mom’ , since I was scared to take up responsibility and my immaturity in that age , never gave me an opportunity ¬†to think as such .¬†

I feel that being a mother to my kids is the greatest of all the achievements in the world and I wish going forward I will be a good mom for them and be the strength of my family.

Happy being 30!!! age is affecting my brain ….bringing on a philosophical side ūüėČ


waiting for their dad to be home

After the whole day of tiring work and long drive back home, my hubby gets cheered with a lovely smile of my nandu and gopu and that makes the end of day perfect  for him.

How ever the kids get to see him only when he is back home early and that happens quite rare , but am sure he would do anything to get a naughty cutie smile from his darling daughters. The smile that brightens our life and makes it more colourful everyday and every moment becomes so special .

both my kids have their dinner and have a lovely chat with their grandma and granddad and wait for their dad to be home. The knock at the door just ignites the smile in them. All the sleepiness vanishes from their face and their eyes become lit with all pranks and the moment I open the door , both starts on “achaa achaa ” (dad dad) and all the way tired back home daddy is all happy and all he wants to do is hug them both and that’s what they too , wait for.

Both nandu and grope will be waiting to be hugged while my hubby washes all the dirt he acquires on the way back home , from the dusty roads , and it seems like he is testing their patience . By the time my out of patience gopus run and hold her hands on his legs and clinging ¬†in between legs , not letting him move around , it’s a peaceful sight.

By then my elder on nandu too hugs him and he has to take anyone of them and play  else they will be sad. And he picks one of them and hugs them one by one .The wait for the day is over ,they feel happy and relaxed after seeing him and being  in his arms and  then they sleep peacefully.

How much a mom does for their kids , dad gives them the feel of protection and thats the best . Cheers to all dads who love their kids a lot and do anything for them.

Uff am tired !!! :)

Its kind of roller coaster ride all day when she is awake. 

I keep wondering doesn’t she ever get tired.

Doesn’t she ever have leg pain

Doesn’t she get sleepy.

Because all the time , even while seemingly sleepy, she is full on active.

Are all babies like that.

Yes , of course I have heard from many moms like that, and even though its lil tiring , am enjoying it. The way she put up that naughty smile on her face and the way she runs around the house exploring each and every corner of the house , it just piles up a memorable day in my life.

Luckily she is not overwriting her sisters memory, it’s just another phase and another journey with her too, which is what I wished for , because I want my daughters to be different , and unique so they have their own character and identity.

She keeps finding things that we cannot find and hardly difficult to find and puts in her mouth , and instead of hiding it, she puts it on her tongue¬†and shows me ¬†expression kind of readable from her face ” mom , see come and get it” . ¬†She does that with every particle she gets. Even though its funny , its of course dangerous, so I keep roaming behind her.

While I put her on bed , she takes a small pillow and starts to roll with it ,as if a kitten is playing with a ball, it’s so peaceful to see them enjoy , I keep looking at her and all my tiredness vanishes off. May be that’s what makes motherhood so pleasing , watching our kids being happy , and that’s what encourages us everyday .

Happy motherhood and proud to be a parent.

Meeting old friends again

After a long gap of years , I got to meet my best friend. She is being with me from my college and from day one , I always loved her company and luckily she never got bored with me.

I have always irritated her , played jokes on and eve snatched her tiffin ( which of course was yummiest food) during my studies. She used to the best in class ,and precisely I never wanted to be the best in class, but only her best pal forever.

We had the best time , thought it was not very freaking out , but the best for us. I was never able to make for the very best days in her life-like her marriage , but am sure she knows  my position and my responsibilities. Even after my marriage ,we used to take out time for ourselves ,having chats ,coffee  and just simply roaming around and having fun. and now after she too being married and a busy working mom we hardly get time to speak, thanks to whatsapp and Facebook , even just km or miles apart these technologies keep us near .

Am lucky to have such friends who are always just a call apart, and be with me whenever am in need . It’s always good to have someone to talk to when we are in some big dilemmas and I have such wonderful friends whom I met during my past years. They have been loyal and always lend me their time always .

naughty cutie pie turned 1

The months seem running around like my lil baby…and she is no more a baby ….she ¬†is a running lil cutie pie , who is always on her running spree.

For easy partying we clubbed both my lovely daughters birthday into one and celebrated in a wonderful place. As my elder one was so busy in admiring her Minnie mouse cake and cutting it, my lil mischievous  one was just busy being in my arms as she gets lil panicked with people around. She wants to be in my arms all around.

It feels like yesterday , we welcomed this lil bundle of joy into our life . I remember how her elder sis was so engrossed in looking at her lil sister and how my brother was busy tickling her leg to wake her up, ( the same he did to her elder niece on her birth).

Now she doesn’t lie down , only run around and sometimes like the actor Mohanlal, she just keeps her shoulder down and walk like him in his typical lately style. ¬†She knows ¬†very well how to trouble someone . She keeps running around and make her dad run behind her. She runs to the kitchen while am cooking and hide near the fridge and keep peeping out to check ¬†whether her dad is running to chase her. She keeps doing this n number of times ,and finally ¬†her dad gets tired and not her.

Managing her is tougher than I ever imagined , but she is making our parenthood like roller coaster  where there are lots of surprises and tiring and restless days.

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