the best is yet to come

I need to remind myself on these words again and again.

Whenever i feel down.. i just remember these words and its like ,magic for me. I feel more energetic , more happy   and feel better . 

Sometimes its more irritating to be at home, doing nothing than the monotonous household work and it leads to boredom , laziness (which already am having lots) , and lot of negative thinking , but everything goes off, when am with my kids, or when am cooking something special  , and when am actually busy with all work around. But its not always the same.

Everyday is not a good and bright one, sometimes i just feel like being sitting bored , doing nothing, but what to do when i starve and my kids starve, i can;t help …so i go the junk way even if i have lots of fruits in my home …sometimes only junk food can help me out of my hunger…I know its not the right way, but sometimes its like that, i guess everyone has a junk food day…

I know all these things will be a past one day , when am getting the right job , wherein i don’t have to compromise on my kids , I want something where in I can be with kids as well have a job worth lifting my self-esteem, something my parents  be proud of. Sometimes i think I can be a teacher, another moment i think i can be a blogger , another moment i think i should pursue what i have studied .. and all these confusions ..make me mad..seriously idle mind is a devils brain… and i don’t want to  be a devil..and not any perfect angel , but a lovely mom and a good daughter for my parents.

Always when you are down, with any fights or any depression, just remember ..there are people who are so unfortunate than us, so whatever happens in our life , if its bad, always there is something better at the end of the day to be for , as the sun sets for a beautiful night o come and a lovely sunrise to shine our lives.


Status of women

I am so confused what to fill in my girls heads…to be more like a lady who obeys others or always fight for their individuality. 

What I want and what I should do (“according to our stupid society”) is totally a big mismatch…. don’t know what to decide.,,,,

WE parents make  our girls stronger, teach them a lot of cooking , give them a more confidence , teach  them to lead a life on their own wish , but in between ,driven by the hypocrite society , who treat girls as mere household , who think they drive their life with authority …..parents want their girls to be just nothing and listen to the elders, or may be husbands or father or brother ..or any male  who thinks they have full power in that girl’s life.

Why  do all want girls to be so obeying, why the society never gives a chance for them to be their own ,why all think a girl with proper individuality is too bossy or arrogant or too much to handle … I seriously don’t understand that part, does that really matter, if a man has his individuality the girl too should have. 

I want my girls to be a good at heart, should be capable to decide what exactly they want in life and be able to choose it rightly. I don’t want any other man to instruct them exactly what to do, I want them to have the proper freedom to do anything  on their own and not driven by instructions. And seriously girls are any appliances to come out with an instruction manual and not any wild animal to be tamed.

I  have heard many saying that “girls should eat everything ,they should not demand ” ..seriously whats that for, I guess boys should learn to eat everything and stop fussing about any other girls cooking , because they are the one living with some other girl and so they should get used to the variety in cooking .

Girls do everything out of love ,they want to make others happy so they sacrifice what ever they want to do , but they do find happiness in what they do, even if merely its just being at home…i know because am doing nothing now ,still am happy to be with my kids at home.

Seriously the status of women has to be changed …the mindset will never change soon..but wish it changes .

Growing up with her sister

Like all siblings they fight too, sometimes they eat our head, make us mad , irritate us , sometimes we loose control ,shout at them ,and many more  , just like normal parents.

Both sisters can’t stay away from each other, even my elder one can’t tolerate the thought of somebody taking her sister away from her. But the moment they are together , they start to fight on reasons. But am sure , they enjoy every bit together, and I want them to support each other life long. 

Younger one is so enthusiastic to be with her sister, the moment her sister goes to school, she becomes sad , as she doesn’t have anyone to fight with and spent her time, almost idle time sleeping or doing nothing, or just being around me. Once she sees her sister’s school bus, she starts jumping around , the happiness is so explicitly seen in her body language and I feel so happy to  see it. Afternoons are packed with fun , she doesn’t want even to sleep , she want to play with her sister all the time. I don’t remember how it was with my brother , but recollect it through my moms words how our childhood was.

She learns a lot from her sister, words , her manners , games , getting angry, and many more . Growing up together is fun , and when I see them together I feel so happy, They don’t need anyone else ,…and I wish its always like that forever.

I don’t want princess and fairies for my daughters

Princesses and fairies are merely imaginative , I don’t want my daughters to believe that life is so easy like a fairy tales.

Life is a struggle , a challenge  but i don’t want them to be serious over it, else they cannot enjoy it. I don’t know what lies in their future but I want them to learn many things from their present . Distinguish between good and bad, fake and real ,I want them to stay away from fake people , who just merely entertain them or play with them for time being and don’t even bother about them.  I am not sure how do I teach them who are real friends , but I will try to make them realise.

The world is full of a mixture , feel so worried and scared to live here, don’t know if the people we trust the lot will hurt us a lot. I get scared to send my kids anywhere, but thats not life , I know that we have to be bold enough to teach them to be bold too, because I know that my kids look up to me. I may not be a role model but I can show them, what should not be done, because  I have become what I am through my mistakes .

I want my kids to learn from their mistake and realise whats good for them, because we parents cannot teach them as well as they can realise themselves. The bits and pieces what I can do is , show them to accept what it is like accepting our mistakes, how it is like crying after a fright , because we don’t want to hurt anyone or get hurt.

Life would have easier if we were in a fairy tale….be brave my kids,to face the world.

I hate traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyday  we wait and wait for her bus to come and the  traffic , it just takes all our time. I wonder why all are in a hurry and the result is that nobody arrives on time and nobody values time and life. Everybody jams up a junction and creates a bottleneck ,no one goes this way or that way, nobody knows to adjust or move a lil behind. Why don’t they think all values time , poor kids who go to school , they are so small to handle such things, they wait all the morning , instead of having a beautiful time on a fresh morning , they end up waiting and waiting . I feel pity , when I see their gaze through the bus windows looking on to the road, just gazing .

And in the afternoon, sometimes hot , sometimes rainy, when they have to be in their beautiful with their mom, they are like wasting time in the traffic. Poor kids they might be hungry , or tired, wanna sleep , but they get exhausted waiting  ….for all the hurry people to go so that they can reach home. 

It was easier earlier, i could just  run to her school grab her ,and run back home. I hate this waiting , all negative thoughts jumbled up in my head , I am not sure , its just only me or are all moms like this. I wish things keep changing and poor lil kids don’t have to suffer this traffic .

Nobody compromises only these our lovely kids have to since they don’t have any option.I know growing up she might enjoy the bus rides. as I used to with my friends , but ,now they seem too small and the more I wait , I miss her a lot. 

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