Motherhood – a true blessing


If I wanted to say about something that changed my life , the first things that comes to my mind is ‘motherhood’ .

Being a mother changes everything in a woman’s life. Thats when a girl starts to think about   loving, the true form of love. When she conceives a baby in her womb , she feels protective towards it. She doesn’t want anything to harm the life growing inside her. 

When she feels the fluttering of the baby moving around  inside her womb , she understands that she is not alone experiencing what she feels, the life inside her also feels the same emotions.Its so wonderful to feel a life inside and only a woman is blessed with it.

The whole 10 months journey is  like a long wait,struggling through many experiences just to see a new born life. But after the birth of the baby , we realize that , all those troubles we were going through was just nothing , it was like a preschool , preparing ourselves for a big job.

Earlier I used to loose my patience , i was short tempered , but now many things changed for me. Being a mother we learn a lot .Its a life of lessons .I can see why I was struggling a lot, I couldn’t eat anything properly, I couldn’t sleep , but it was all for my lil darling , just to make me more lovable to her.

I am proud to be a mother, at least I learned how to forgive and love  more. The joy of being  mother is a most deepest and the selfless love .


Nandoos X-mas at school



It was Nandoos Christmas celebration at her school today . I told her all about Christmas yesterday night , about Santa coming to see kids at night and hiding their gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas. 

Its her first Christmas with her friends and  teachers. When I reached the school , to my surprise it was the first time she never noticed me coming in . I was happy to see her play around with other kids . 

All kids were sitting in the middle of the room , the room had a good decoration and a small Christmas tree kept on a table , which was all decorated with shiny lights . All the kids were looking lovely with their name tagged crowns  with shiny papers stuck to it. Some kids were playing with the crown and some others were busy to receive their parents.

As soon as she got a second out her busy playing , she noticed me sitting there on a chair and came running and hugged me. And she told me ” mama , am going to sit there”  pointing towards her friends , and I looked at her and smiled and said “yes”.

She loves to be photographed , I took my mobile to take the snaps of all the lovely little kids around. Its so delightful  to capture such precious moments in life and cherish them forever. Those sweet little innocent kids , they are fun to be with. Some are shy , some loud ,some silent and all are so adorable  .

The teachers came in and sang songs with kids. I saw Nandoo was also singing along with them, it was so nice to listen . They sang ‘jingle bells’ , which is Nandoos favorite  of all. All kids were following their teacher’s actions and singing along.

Then came Santa Claus , a big tall man , just like in our story books with lovely beard , and all the kids were  happy to see him. He came in and gave away gifts to all kids present there.After that all kids got the privilege of taking individual snaps with Santa. 🙂




When I see rain , the first thought that comes in my mind is the first day I met my best friend .

If she reads this am sure many memories will flash through her mind. When we met first in UC College Aluva , in Kerala during our interview in the college , it was raining. We both never realized at that time , we would be good friends later on. 

Again after that many times during the 3 years of my college life , every rainy season , we used to enjoy the rain. Our beautiful college had given has many memories  and we will never forget in our life. 

Whenever it was raining , we both used to make some excuses to go out intentionally to get drenched . It was fun. We used to take only one umbrella , and hold each other close. I was the one who never used to bring umbrella.

I remember once I saw my umbrella running away with the wind , while I was just sitting and looking at it wondering what will happen to it, if I don’t go and get it. For that I got enough scolding from home.

In Bangalore when I started to work , it was all different , the rain had a different smell , not like it was in college. In office we all used to love to have ice cream with gulab jamun , during rain. Ice cream do tastes better in rain :).

First day of my lil Nandu

FIRST-DAY-OF-PRESCHOOLAs usual I was more excited , happy , energetic to take Nandu to her preschool. Like all mothers does , I told her that I will be leaving her in her school , where she will get lots of friends and she can play with many toys . She was listening to me all the time as we were on our way to her school with her dad. 

As soon as we were nearing her school my heart started pounding faster, out of excitement. Many  questions flashed my mind , regarding what will happen if she starts to cry ?  what if she doesn’t  want to go inside?  What will i do if she keeps calling  ” amma ammma ” ? 

Oh those thoughts made me shiver, I didn’t know how to react . As I was told by many other experienced mothers  I should stay calm and let her go in and even if she cries , it will be all for a while. I was prepared by the time we reached the school. We rang the bell and the door opened and her teacher came and greeted all of us.

 Nandu seemed to be excited , but she was holding my hand , I too didn’t want to leave her hand as I was feeling nervous.It was as if  my first day at school , then  her teacher asked her whether Nandu would love to come in and play with other kids inside. 

It was just as quick as a blink of an eye , and Nandu took her hands and left mine and went in to the school and waved us bye . I was like lost , all of a sudden I felt I became lonely . But where my words didn’t express my tears cheated me, it was running down my cheeks and my Nandoos  dad couldn’t stop laughing.

It was all my decision to put her in school , so that she can enjoy and its all me who is crying on the very first day and not her.I had a mixed feeling going on inside me, I just wanted  to run back to the school and hug her , but another feeling me said not to do so. Still out of all these mixed emotions I ran back to school , just to see her and I was happy to see her playing there.

That day for me every minute  was like miles away, I didn’t go home , and was lingering around the place . At last I called up her school after 2 hours  and asked whether I can pick her then. The moment the school door was opened my eyes were searching for my lovely lil angel and she came running  to me and hugged me tightly. 

I am sure every mom must have felt what I had felt. Seriously motherhood is strange.

 Hurray to all Mothers!!



Churches I just love them.I don’t know how many believe in this thought that whenever you enter a church for the first time you may ask for 3 wishes. Even if its not true I would always do that.

When I was studying in my college myself and bestfriend used  to go there and pray before starting our day. And I love the way of praying by kneeling down before the God.

Our college chapel was beautiful during the Sunday chapel service in the evening.It had a tree on its side and during moonlit nights everything  looked elagant.

I enjoyed the carols , prayers everything.Even the teachers used to give lovely speeches.

As christmas is nearing , I just recollected the christmas I had in my hostel.I got the opportunity to help my frirnds and college staff in decorating the chapel. We got lots of sweets from Santa , we all enjoyed a lot.

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