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Do not Judge ME


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Judge me with my pen,

you name me as none


the woman in me is a bird, who is never caged

words are the freedom I utter

not just to my soul to the world

I write to ease my pain

unable to write ; 

will be the last for me

words I play in my heart 

is the way I exhaust my life

do not condemn me, just to my words

do not limit my freedom to be just,

what you want me to be, to your satisfaction

I am none if you do not need me

I am the one if you ever need a friend.





I am growing up to be ME

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You may know me
but not the real me

you may see my pain
but never felt it

you may see my wound
but not my scars

you may see my failure
but not the reason

you may see my success
but never the path

you may see my smile
but not the tears I hide

do not judge me
As you never know what I dealt with

Stop perceptions
I may not be what you think
I may not be what you want me to be

I am what I ever have to be
I am carved out of stone 
engraved with all the fears and tears
nourished with all successes and triumphs
unknown to you, or known to you
stand by my side
yet you may never know what goes inside me

I am growing up to be ME.