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You contain my pain and fears

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Your smile

Skip my heartbeat

even when my eyes are welled with tears

your shoulder takes up every drop coming to it

your fingers wiping it 

your lips adorning my forehead

your eyes whispering thousands of words in my ears

emotions overflowed like a filled vessel

you contained my emotions and fears

letting me flow into you like a river

unobstructed and uncontained. 




The thirst


I felt like lost in a desert

lost among the sand dunes

searching for a destination to quench my thirst

the journey is taking long

yet there is no mirage to even trigger me walk along

the whole desert seems to swallow me as a whole

I wished for a hand to extend me a help

the thirst in me was killing my throat

eating away my mind

converting me into a beast

which could see none other than the vacant land

yet, my little human in me

led me through the desert

into the wisdom land

where I could find what I searched for

the land that brings me to life

I walked harder to reach my point

to my surprise, I covered the journey

the will in me let me conquer my fears

the poisonous thirst led me to my final place

where my destiny was tied up

As I saw the well filled in water

I ran to it, grabbed the bucket and filled it with water

thanked all the powers that let me complete my journey

the first drop of water after the long wait

it was like honey to my lips and elixir for my soul

I was rose to heaven as the first drop touched my mortal

I realized the worthiness of being alive.

Her tears never cheated her


Tears speaks happiness and sorrow

They roll down to your cheeks wetting the soul

She closed her eyes so that they don’t roll down

at times memories bring out the tears alive

She zipped the eyelids tightly so that the world never knew

She closed her eyes and shut the window to the world

Even in pain, the tears never cheated her

The agony was high, yet she could resist the gateway

In happiness, her tears objected and rolled down

to express the gratitude and joy of being there

When none around, her eyes profusely wetted her soul

An uncontrollable scream from inside

which she silenced every moment to bring in peace

She never tried to let her tears flow out in front of anyone

None knew she cried, as she was smiling all day long

Her tears was the gateway to her heart, yet none knew the path

hidden underneath her bright smile

She knew the only one who loved her the most

knew the key to her heart, where she treasured all her love and passion

She waited for the moment where she could cry out loud on the shoulders of the one she loved the most

of the one she loved the most, the wait was a pain too

yet when she found him, there was none to hide

nor the tears and nor the fears.

there was only love and love alone.