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Imperfectly Pure Sin

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Be the imperfectly perfect sin 

I entreat the most

If I am the sin for you

love me more like you sin

be never rigid to hold back

let me let you slip and fall in me

sinning the way, like never before

love me every day, like being alluring

swill me in 

force my attention, upholding my fervour

let the pain of staying away subside as we unite

all I wish is we sin together

dissolving in each other, until death parts our ways




The chemistry of love..

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As I sat at the edge,

overlooking the vastness of the ocean

kissed by the sky so high 

the chemistry, they shared fascinated me

beguiling me to fall in love so deep that evoke the storms

even when the ocean built storms, the sky knew when to bring sunshine

the loved and played day and night,

during the day, the ocean coloured itself in the bluishness of the sky

and in the night, the ocean adorned the darkness of the sky 

where only the stars differentiated to keep the travellers safe

the beauty of their love was beckoning

impelling me to be the ocean, as he becomes the sky.


You and Me

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an unspoken word,

an unsatisfied urge,

a step never, taken

a promise, that never sworn

a dream never conquered,

a wind that never collected,

a drop that never quenched,

a cloud that never cried

a star that never shone,

that is you and me,

    who never united, yet traversed together forever.

I am just “ME”, when I am with you.

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Giving away the right pieces of me

to the wrong ones,

I am tired of it

nothing I received other than hurt and judgment

as you came to me

I had nothing but bits of me here and there

as you took each piece of me

it was hurting you and me

yet, as you touched every piece

aligning it all, even when mismatched

it became a broken me

but plastered well with your soul

the world never saw the broken me

even my tears fed your soul

keeping me alive like never before

I never knew what to do

as I never knew how to love you

but yet,

I loved you more than yesterday and much more than today.


Symphony of love

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Whisper to me in my ears

“you are my world”

The words that echo when our lips meet

Your silence spells a magic in my heart

tearing me apart is the distance between us

I want the nights with you that never ends

the mornings that never dawns

loving you every second, much more than the previous 

reading every letter inscribed on your lips

beckoning every kiss that sweetens my lips

sweating every second in your warmth 

I wanna lay on your lap, unspoken 

as our heart whispers the symphony of love.