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The drops 

seemed sharply placing itself on my skin

as it rolls down, inflaming every inch of me

you were missed 

drop by drop

the dew capturing me through its lens

mirroring me s pieces in each drop

reflecting my thoughts and the fire in me

shhhhhh.. listening to the drops

trickling down my nose

pecking on my lips

forming puddles and drowning me in it

the drops melted as it touched down

It was me firing up

gearing up and welcoming you

to be loved and be loved.



Chance to destroy me

Open the door

I shall let you in 

I have given you love

the power to destroy me

You can hurt me easily

you can finish me quickly

I bestow you the power to do so

In the love, I am loading you with

Trusting your eyes

I let you overflow on me

letting you mess with me 

bringing down the paradise for me

as I take away all your pain

and give you the pleasure of life



Almost Touch….

Every moment I live

makes me crave for you

I just miss you with every breath I take

I miss you with every blink of my eye

I miss you, with every heartbeat

Life seems impossible without you

Every music reminds me of you

Every minute reminds me the moments I had with you

becoming totally obsessed with you

without you, I feel like am living in darkness

with you, everything seems bright and colorful

you are my everything, I ever desired for

As I close my eyes, I could feel your breath

slipping over my shoulder, igniting every emotion in me

you do something with your words on me

that I can never explain

your almost touch can even bring out the best in me

our passion is the purest in the world. 





Capture me in your lens

Every picture you take

says a lot about you 

Every face you capture 

tells me thousands of hidden lives

Every moment you shoot 

included emotions untold

every way you pen thoughts on your pictures

it tells me how much you love doing it

let me be the picture 

you want to capture

Let me be the eyes

you want to read untold stories

let me the face

you want to encapsulate in the frame

let me be the quest

you want to endure.



A Lousy Sunday

being beside you

doing  nothing, just feeling you

close to my breath

as if I breathe in your fragrance

filling in every inch of me 

beside you I can stay forever

falling into your eyes 

cuddled in your arms

obliterating the ticking of the clocks

slipping into the world, with just me and you

where time is just favoring us

I just want the time beside you

as you maul with my fingers 

while I am lost in rub my face on your unshaven cheeks

I don’t want the day to end

As I wish to be lost forever in that solicitude.