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you Amaze me

Image result for your laughter is my happiness

The echo of your laughter

brightens my day

enlivens my loneliness

departing ways from you is like death

life snatches me away from you

yet I carry you in my heart

like a heartbeat of the heart

you preserve my life

as you embrace me

it is like flower beds awakening 

in the barren land

protect me 

as I might break into pieces like the mirror

without you life is impossible.



living with you

Image result for bike ride with love

walking hand in hand 

with you

feeling your soul at the tip of my fingers

grabbing my arms, feeling your breath on my shoulder

eyes enveloping me like first ever

your voice deafens my noisiest world 

your eyes dimmers the world around me

it becomes just you and me

resting my head on your back

feeling the breeze  brush my hair

as I leaned in to feel your chest with my fingers

clasping my fingers on you 

embracing you and pressing myself on you

like our heartbeat becoming one

living every moment with you is like living my dream





Seek me, as a desire

Image result for make love

Desire me 

as one desire death for pain

as one desire companion for loneliness

as one desire a child to be a mother

as one desire oxygen to breathe

as one desire touch on the numbness

living for you

tattoed you on my skin forever

an eternity is still short

with you, every journey is never ending

I open my shut doors

to let you burrow into me 

reviving a smile for which I am the reason.


Unfinished desire

Image result for make love

As you glide down my chin

 as we explore us 

every inch excites with the touch

an insatiable hunger 

as you press yourself on to me

I break my chains

setting myself to be just me

with you, like a flower

waiting to be sucked honey out of it

you reconnoitre me like its the first time

loving you is like satisfying my unfinished desire.





Image result for your love is like a drug

Crazier as the wind

stronger as the gravity

like honey glazing down my throat

rain droplets kissing me

your love evaporates my pain

you precipitate my naughtiness

letting me play with you like magnets

we attract and repel each other 

even when away, our gravity pulls us together

I want to just curl up under the blanket with you 

feel the world in you 

and let you explore me as a whole

nurturing me up with a new hope.