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Words that Never Favored me

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Lost in the sophistication of life
emerging to be someone else
who I never desired to be
is a dilemma that is converging in me.

Dreams shattered
embalmed with the responsibilities
all I want to is break away from reality
hard to accept my world that I reformed.

a reformation I rebuilt from the ashes
ashes I arrived in setting myself on fire
the burns and scars echoed my pains
yet the eyes blinded by words never believed

agony passed away
as I stopped being the victim
but nevertheless, did they stopped blaming
the words uttered never favoured me.


Fly high- feel the wind

Standing on the balcony

walking towards the edge

calming my mind every second

scare engulfing my mind

with my opened eyes,

with the busy world below my feet

I felt I might stumble and fall

the world beneath me and the sky above me

I was unsure which took me as there’s

I closed my eyes, lifted my arms up in the air

as if I was the bird taking a flight

the wind was caressing all over me

I could feel the air everywhere

it was like the whole me was flying with the wind

the scare vanishing from me

giving space for new hopes and dreams.