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Words that Never Favored me

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Lost in the sophistication of life
emerging to be someone else
who I never desired to be
is a dilemma that is converging in me.

Dreams shattered
embalmed with the responsibilities
all I want to is break away from reality
hard to accept my world that I reformed.

a reformation I rebuilt from the ashes
ashes I arrived in setting myself on fire
the burns and scars echoed my pains
yet the eyes blinded by words never believed

agony passed away
as I stopped being the victim
but nevertheless, did they stopped blaming
the words uttered never favoured me.


Let me be shattered



Let me

be lost

be stranded

get hurt

feel the pain

walk alone

feel the loneliness to enjoy the joy of being with someone

be thirsty to cherish the joy of the first drop of water

be hungry to crave for the first bite

be crazy to relish the peacefulness

lose control to live it up

let me be just the way I am

let me learn from my mistakes

to carve myself into a someone I have to be.

Let me loosen myself into the wild world

to be picked as pieces and amalgamated into one uninque piece.