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Swan in the puddle

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Thousands of questions

bubbling in her mind

unable to ask

unable to swallow

the taste seemed bitter

the unanswered questions

popped now and then

leaving her in dismay

All she wanted was the answer

old age creeping in her

she knew that there won’t be a looking back

gone are the days

which she cannot bring back

She remained silent..with a smile

Awaiting the clutch of oblivion 

when she will arise like the swan in the puddle.



Unattainable yet unforgettable

She looked at him eagerly

waiting for the eyes to meet

she knew it was just her wish

he was lost in her eyes

the pain of unrequited love was hard to suffer

her thoughts struggled

she could not stop loving him

yet she knew he never thought about her

she was deserted from inside

while he flourished away from her

her dream was to see him smile always

she walked away with a heavy heart

as she knew he never needed her

loving someone who never loved her

was the hardest thing she ever did.